Arts & Commerce College, Madha
Ph.D. Research center
1. English Dr. P.T. Ronge (5 students)
2. Commerce Dr. A.A. Shaikh (4 students)

Research Awarded
Sr. No Name of Faculty Subject Ph.D./ M.Phil University Year
01 Prin.Dr.Ronge P.T. English Ph.D. Pune Nov 2002
02 Dr. Shaikh A.A. Commerce Ph.D. Agra Jan 2005
03 Prof. Takbhate P.V. Hindi M.Phil. Kolhapur Feb 1997
04 Dr. Mane S.S. English Ph.D. Kolhapur Nov 2012
05 Dr. Shinde R.A. Marathi Ph.D. Kolhapur Nov 2013
06 Dr. Pardeshi P.B. Hindi Ph.D. Mumbai July 2013
07 Dr. Ghadge S.B. Economics Ph.D. Mumbai Jan 2015
08 Dr. Mulla K.N. Poli.Sci. Ph.D. Mumbai Nov 2015

Sr. No Name of Faculty Subject Ph.D./ M.Phil University
01 Prof. Sohani N.J. Ph.Edu. Ongoing B.A.M.U.
02 Prof. Gaikwad P.G. History Ongoing Pune
03 Prof. Kamble A.P. Economics Ongoing Solapur
04 Prof. Palkar J.M. Geography Ongoing Solapur
05 Prof. Shewale B.C. Commerce Ongoing Solapur
06 Prof. Vhankade S.A. Marathi Ongoing Solapur

Executive Summary Of Minor Research Projects Submitted To UGC(WRO), Pune
Name Of Teacher Subject MRP Topic Sanct. File No. Option Option
Dr. Khadake P.A. Geography A Study Of Rural Market Centres In Jalgaon District 23-209/2006 date 23-02-2007 View Print
Londhe A. B. English Communication Gap In Anita Desai's cry : The Peacock F-23-285/2007 date 16-01-2008 View Print
Shinde K. B. Economics "Growth Centre" - A strategy for rural Development study F-23-287/2006 date 17-07-2008 View Print
Mali A. S. English A study of Predicament of women in R.K. Narayan's the Dark Room 23-3092/2011(WRO) date 08-03-2012 View Print
Sohani N. J. - - - View Print
Mourya O. P. - - - View Print
Shinde R. A. Marathi १९६० नंतरची उपयोजित काव्य समीक्षा Sanct. File No. F-23-1593/14 (General/201(WRO) Dated 22-3-2017. View Print
Pardeshi P B Hindi डॉ सुरेशचंद्र शुक्ल के नाटको में चित्रित परिवर्तीत जीवन मूल्य Sanct. File No. 1) F. No. 231142/14 (WRO) dated 20.02.2015, 2) F. No. 231142/14 general/202 (WRO)XII Plan Dated- 22-03-2017. View Print